Breastfeeding Support

Of all the food and drink you will consume in your lifetime, only one will be nutritionally complete: Breastmilk!

Below is a list of organisations that assist and support breastfeeding mothers.







Lactation consultants provide specialist support and assistance to mothers and babies who need extra help with breastfeeding

Mary Grant -  (Southern DHB) - free service

03 2181949 ext 8376


Ann Harkness - (Private LC) 02102623654

    South Otago
Maria McCaw 03 4177198


Lactation Consultants Queen Mary         

03 470 9186

Stefanie Kalmakoff – 027 3305 503

Carrie van Rij - 021 0218 1144

Donna Dalzell – (Private LC)

027 243 7350

    Central Otago/Queenstown Lakes

Charlotte Jean Maternity Hospital Community Lactation Consultants – 03 448 5229


Helen Umbers (Upper Clutha Plunket) - 03 443 8799

Well Child/ Tamariki Ora Providers

Pregnancy and birth care and support for families/whanau/ caregivers to maximise their child's developmental potential and health status between the ages of 0-5 years; a free screening, surveillance, education and support service; Community-based.

NB: contact details for the many Plunket centres are available online


Awarua Social and Health Services - 03 218 6668


Royal New Zealand Plunket Society - 132 Kelvin St,
03 218 2275 


Arai te Uru Whare Hauora Tamariki Ora Service - 03 471 9960


Pacific Trust Otago Well Child Service - 03 455 1722


Royal New Zealand Plunket Society
18 Lorne Street, South Dunedin
03 474 0490



Toll-free telephone advice service available to all families, whānau and caregivers

0800 933 922

La Leche League Breastfeeding Support Groups

Regular meetings are run by accredited La Leche League leaders and a wide range of breastfeeding and parenting topics are discussed to provide encouragement, support and information to all pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.


Helen - 03 448 5440



Further information is available online at, or you can also receive assistance by emailing


Information about Invercargill meetings and contacts at this link

Dunedin West
Brylin - 03 467 5599

Sian - 03 453 1051


Kathy - 03 213 0643 or 027 427 1762


Elizabeth - 03 431 7752

Amy - 03 434 5041




Peer Support Programme


Breastfeeding Support Otago & Southland

A service extending support, education, and encouragement to new and expectant mothers.  The administrators can  put you in touch with a peer counsellor in your area.

Invercargill Administrators
Junaya Leask




Find information on breastfeeding and information about how to find local volunteers who are trained to provide support with breastfeeding at this website

Otago Administrators
Denise 027 476 1339




  Click here to download the flyer

Central Otago Administrator
Catkin  0800 560 650


The Breast Room

The Breast Room is a charitable trust, providing a one to one breastfeeding consultation and support service from 10am-12pm every Tuesday and Thursday.

Bushie 021 260 4678


158 Oxford Street, South Dunedin


Or go to our Facebook page

Click here to download flyer

Queenstown/Lakes and Central Otago support groups

Queenstown Plunket Rooms 1st & 3rd Thursday

of the month 11am

Call 0800 560 650 for all Queenstown/Lakes Central Otago groups


Arrowtown Plunket Rooms 4th Wednesday

of the month 11am


Wanaka Plunket Rooms 1st Monday

of the Month 11am


Cromwell Plunket Rooms 1st & 3rd Thursday

of the month 11am


Alexandra Plunket Rooms (Community House) 3rd Monday of the month 10.30-11.30

Wanaka Support Group Wanaka Breastfeeding Support 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month 10:30-11:30am

Kate Wolfe

03 443 2635 or 027 695 7772

Ministry of Health The Ministry of Health provides a range of resources to support breastfeeding, as well as tips and information for key support people such as partners/spouses, parents, siblings and friends.

HealthLine A free telephone information service for all the family. 0800 611 116