Te Korowai Hou Ora (Maori Mental Health)


Te Korowai Hou Ora - "The Cloak of New Life" is a team made up of a Kaumatua, Kaiawhina and Maori Mental Health workers associated with the key worker and psychiatrists, mental health nurses and other clinicians.  Their role is to help provide access to mental health services for Maori and provide cultural support. 

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Referrals are accepted through the Single Point of Entry service and Child Adolescent & Family Service



Southland Hospital, Kew Road Invercargill

  • Mental Health Services, Elles Rd (gate 2)

Contact Details

Ph:  03 214 5786

Freephone:  0800 44 33 66

Fax:  03 214 7231

PO Box 828, Invercargill


Single Point of Entry contact details:

Freephone:  0800 44 33 66  or  03 214 5786

Fax: 03 214 5696

PO Box 828, Invercargill



Southland Mental Health Emergency Team