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Medical Elective Positions

The Dunedin School of Medicine offers electives to final-year (sixth-year) trainee intern medical students from outside of New Zealand.

Elective positions are available at the Dunedin and Southland teaching hospitals, which both have strong connections to the Dunedin School of Medicine.  Further information can be found at

 Purakaunui Falls, Catlins

Contact our Southern DHB Recruitment team at:







Medical Directorate (Southland and Otago)

+64 3 470 9605


Surgical Directorate (Southland and Otago)

+64 3 214 5749


Mental Health Addictions and Intellectual Disability Directorate (Southland and Otago)

+64 3 470 9571


Women's, Children's, Public Health Directorate (Southland and Otago)

+64 3 4709604


Older Person's Health and Community Directorate  (Southland and Otago)

+64 3 214 5770





Senior Medical Staff:

Southern District Health Board
(Southland and Otago)

+64 3 214 5769





Junior Medical Staff:

Southern Distrcit Health Board (Southland)

+64 3 218 1949 ext 8256



Southern District Health Board (Otago)

+64 3 470 9610




All Other Staff:

Please contact one of the above