About Us

About Us

Planning and Funding (Mental Health and Addiction) are part of the wider Planning & Funding team at Southern DHB. You can read more about the general role of Planning and Funding here

What is the role of Planning & Funding (Mental Health and Addiction)?

We lead the planning and funding of mental health and addiction services throughout Southern DHB. 

That includes:

  • Managing the strategic planning and funding of mental health and addiction services for Southern DHB.  These services include both NGO services and those run by the DHB provider arm.
  • Relationship and contract management of mental health and addiction services in a collaborative and co-ordinated way
  • Managing a funding budget for services, within National, South Island and local purchasing and pricing frameworks
  • Monitoring provider compliance to quality and performance standards and contract obligations
  • Contributing to the development of DHB accountability documents (annual plans, health profiles, needs assessments, reporting frameworks etc)
  • Contributing to the development of National, South Island or local policy and frameworks

What is our mission? What are our values?

We are inspired by Southern DHB's general mission and values, however we have also developed our own to specifically guide the work that we do.

Our Mission

Our mission as funders and planners of mental health and addiction services at Southern DHB is inspired by challenge 8 of Te Tahuhu,1 the second national mental health and addictions plan. 

Our mission is to fund and plan Southern DHB mental health and addiction services in a way that supports recovery, advances best practice and enables collaboration.

 Our Values

In planning Southern DHB services, Mental Health and Addiction Planning and Funding, and our Core Planning Group, will be mindful of the ten values, concepts and principles that the New Zealand Mental Health Commission considers will underpin mental health services by 2015.2 These are:

- Putting people first
- Well-being for everyone
- Recovery
- Affirming rights and autonomy
- Building strengths and resilience
- Responding early
- Connectedness/Te hononga
- Right responses
- Collaboration
- Services in communities

1Minister of Health. 2005.  Te Tahuhu - Improving Mental Health 2005-2015:The Second New Zealand Mental Health and Addiction Plan. Wellington: Ministry of Health.

2Mental Health Commission 2007. Te Hononga 2015: Connecting for Greater Wellbeing. Wellington: Mental Health Commission, p17