MH and Addiction Planning Project 2011-12: Archive

This section of the website archives information on a significant Planning Project that was undertaken by Planning and Funding (Mental Health and Addiction) during 2011-2012.

The Mental Health and Addiction Planning Project (MHAPP) began in January 2011, and aimed to deliver a long-term plan for the mental health and addiction sector in Southern DHB. 

At the beginning of the project Southern DHB had no sector-wide mental health and addiction sector plan, however various planning activities had been undertaken in the former Southland and Otago DHBs.  This previous work informed the MHAPP, but was supplemented by current, extensive information that was collected through a situational analysis, needs assessment , outcomes framework, and gap analysis.

The MHAPP aimed to be as inclusive a planning process as possible. This section of the website was used during the project to provide information on the planning process , and the various groups involved.