Core Planning Group

Core Planning Group

The Core Planning Group (CPG) was a committee formed by Planning & Funding to provide sector input in to the Mental Health and Addiction Planning Project. The group included a wide range of stakeholders and perspectives from the sector, including clinical leadership, management, NASC, consumer, family, Maori, Pacific, ASMS, NGO and PHO participation. 

The Core Planning Group provided general input into the planning process, as well as providing specific recommendations and technical assistance.

The Core Planning Group reported to the General Manager of Finance and Funding. 

Any recommendations made by the Core Planning Group, including the drafting of a Southern DHB Mental Health & Addiction Plan, were ratified by the Board, statutory committee, or GM of Finance and Funding, as appropriate, prior to the release of recommendations or decisions to other parties. 

The DHB holds the legislative responsibility for planning services and meeting the health needs of its population.  The Core Planning Group members, while not individually accountable to the sector, were required to play a role in delivering a Plan for the whole sector, and were required to commit to taking a sector-wide view throughout the operation of the group.


Appointed as individuals

Regan Butt, RN, Invercargill Community Mental Health Team, Southern DHB

Louise Carr, CEO, PACT Group

Elaine Chisnall, General Manager, Mental Health and Community Services  Directorate, Otago, Southern DHB

Dr Janice Clayton, Primary Mental Health Clinical Manager Otago, Southern PHO

Deb Fraser, Director, Mirror Services

Key Frost, Interim Manager, Pacific Island Advisory & Cultural Trust

Kerry Hand, Manager, Miramare

Dr James Knight, Medical Director / DAMHS / Clinical Director Youth Speciality Service, Southern DHB

Robert Mackway-Jones (Chair), General Manager Funding & Finance, Southern DHB

Barbara Payton, Manager, Otago Youth Wellness Trust

Louise Travers, General Manager - Mental Health Directorate, Southland, Southern DHB

Nominated members

Moving Forward Southland Consumer Council Nominee - Ailsa Fenton

Standard Nine Consumer Network Nominee - Mike McAlevey

Iwi Governance Committee Nominees - Anna Gorham and Rata Stoneman 

ASMS Nominees - Dr Jo Thornton and Dr Digvijay Goel

Graeme Thompson and Dr Chris Wisely also participated in the CPG for a period of the planning process.

Terms of Reference

All Core Planning Group members agreed to the CPG Terms of Reference.

The Terms of Reference explain:

  • The function of the Core Planning Group
  • The Core Planning Group's objectives
  • Planning timeframes
  • Planning values
  • Planning scope
  • Accountability
  • Key relationships of the Core Planning Group, including:
    • The Project Support Team
    • The Project Manager
    • The Advisory Group
    • Southern DHB
    • South Island DHBs
    • University of Otago
    • ASMS Union input
  • Membership
  • Meeting requirements
  • Responsibilities, including managing conflicts of interest
  • Information & Communication, including confidentiality