Objectives and Success Factors

Objectives and Success Factors

It was not appropriate to pre-determine exactly what targets/areas would be highlighted for attention through the planning process.   However, the following broad objectives and success factors were identified.

The objectives of the MHAPP were:

  • To identify a modernised and sustainable service delivery model that reflects the current and future needs of the region.
  • To improve community and sector participation in the planning and funding of mental health services.

The success factors of the MHAPP are:

  • That the Southern DHB Mental Health and Addiction sector is provided with a transparent framework within which funding decisions are made for people within the Southern DHB who have, or are at risk of developing, a mental health problem.
  • That the planning process is driven by the core planning group and is completed within agreed timeframes.
  • That diverse stakeholders participate in and influence the planning process.
  • That a model is delivered that reflects community expectations and needs within the funding environment constraints.
  • That any change resulting from the planning process is underpinned by a thorough communications and change management strategy that ensures good engagement with potentially affected parties.
  • That the plan is not a "one off" exercise, but is used to support future funding and planning decisions, to drive service development, and to inspire future planning for the Southern DHB mental health and addictions sector.