Workforce Development / Training

Workforce Development / Training

In Mental Health and Addiction Planning and Funding we often say that we are focused on people - that our aim is to identify a plan that will best meet the needs of people who access, or need to access, mental health and addiction services.   One of our planning values also focuses us on people. "Putting people first" is inspired by statements from Te Hononga such as:
"the purpose of change is not for the sake of the system.  People with experience of mental illness or addiction, and those who support them, must be at the heart of the work required."

The people who provide our services are the biggest single asset of our sector.  Not buildings, not machines, but our workforce.  The success of any plan that we may develop over time with will rely on having a skilled, responsive, supportive Southern workforce.

We recognise the value in our workforce, and the need to support workforce development.  This will be an ongoing priority for Planning & Funding, working in collaboration with various existing local / regional initiatives and national workforce development centres.  

We especially recognise that our workforce is sector- and district-wide.  This website will be used as a tool to make workforce development information consistently available to all of our workforce. It will support, but not replace, much of the excellent workforce and education work already being provided in various services.

Some education, training and research information has been updated  here and more will follow.  The current selection is not exhaustive. If you want to suggest resources to be considered for inclusion, please let us know