Safety, Quality and Audit

Safety, Quality and Audit

Health and Safety Quality Commission. Link.

Guidance on "How to Use an Article about Quality Improvement" from the Health and Safety Quality Commission. Link.

Health Improvement and Innovation Resource Centre. Link.

Improving Quality (IQ): A Systems Approach for the New Zealand Health and Disability Sector, Ministry of Health. Link.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (Intl). Link.

Ko Awatea. Link.  

Managing the Risk of Workplace Violence to Healthcare and Community Service Providers:  Good Practice Guide, Department of Labour. Link.

Reportable Events - Health and Safety Quality Commission. Link.

New Zealand Incident Management System. Link.

Safe Medication Management Programme. Link.

Audit, Certification & Standards

Certification of Healthcare Services (Healthcert)- Ministry of Health. Link.

Health and Disability Services Standards 2008. Link.

International Organisation for Standardization. Link.