Welcome to Southern DHB Womens Health Services

Welcome to Southern DHB Womens Health Services

We provide high quality health services for women who need maternity, newborn, gynaecology and fertility care. Research and development in the latest clinical care and treatment is an important part of our work and we are very proud of our links with Otago University School of Medicine. 

Services are provided across the Southern DHB at both Southland and Dunedin Hospitals and also at rural hospitals across the region


Both hospitals provide in-patient gynaecology care as part of general surgical wards. Urogynaecology in-patient specialist services are provided on the both sites, as are gynae-oncology surgical services, with support being provided by a visiting specialist from Christchurch.  Dunedin is the district referral centre for reproductive fertility medicine. Out-patient clinics for women's health are provided in rural areas throughout the region. 

Maternity and Obstetrics

Southern DHB has a primary maternity facility in Frankton and there are eight other primary units in the district.  Secondary obstetric and maternity services are based in both Southland and Dunedin Hospitals, with Dunedin providing a tertiary service for the region.  Primary birthing for both Invercargill and Dunedin and surrounds are also provided in these hospitals.  Many women who birth in either Southland and Dunedin Hospitals return to a primary maternity facility for their postnatal inpatient care. 

Support for unwell or premature babies is provided on both sites, with Southland having a secondary unit and Dunedin Neonatal intensive care unit providing tertiary (highly specialised) care for the district.  Babies requiring operative interventions are transferred to other regions, ideally before birth.

Maternity Quality and Safety Programme

The Maternity Quality and Safety Programme (MQSP) emerged out of the national Maternity Quality Initiative, which was launched in 2009. Every DHB has established a MQSP to bring professional and consumer maternity stakeholders together to monitor and improve maternity care at the local and DHB level. The Maternity Quality and Safety Programme (MQSP) aims to enhance maternity outcomes for women, babies, family and whānau in the Southern District.

The MQSP Governance Group was re-established May 2016 with broad membership to ensure wide consultation with maternity stakeholders. Southern recognizes that optimal care will result from optimal relationships between consumers, community providers, DHB clinicians and facilities.

Southern’s Maternity Annual Report provides an overview of our population and maternity services, as well as an overview of our Maternity Quality and Safety Programme (MQSP).  The report is the result of consultation with consumers, community partners, facility managers, and maternity care providers across the District.

Southern provides a diversity of birthing settings throughout the District, and women have a high level of choice in care provider and birth setting and postnatal care.  Perinatal and Maternal Morbidity Review Committee (PMMRC) data is encouraging and shows us that our outcomes for babies are above average and generally improving.  The Maternity Quality and Safety Programme offers us a framework for improvement, and we look forward to reporting our progress in the next Maternity Annual Report.

Foetal maternal specialist

Foetal maternal specialist services are provided by the national network.  This does result in some women traveling to a main centre for some appointments, but with interim care provided locally, or with only doctor to doctor consultations being undertaken and the woman having her care provided locally. The following pages detail the specific services for Women's Health provided by the DHB.

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