Maternity Services

Maternity Services



There are five primary birthing units operating in Southland in addition to Southland Hospital Maternity Service which provides both primary and secondary maternity services.


Southland Hospital Maternity Service has four birthing rooms and 14 single rooms to support the needs of both antenatal and postnatal women. Specialist antenatal clinics are held Monday to Friday and women will typically be cared for by their Lead Maternity Carer (LMC) during labour with hospital midwives supporting their LMC in the delivery unit. The maternity unit has several certified lactation consultants on staff to help women establish breastfeeding and should complications arise, staff can arrange for women to see a specialist or obstetrician. After giving birth women can choose to stay at Southland Hospital or transfer a primary maternity unit for post partum recovery.


Gore Hospital offers birthing and postnatal services. There are four postnatal beds and one birthing bed.  The unit is supported by five Lead Maternity Carers, and within the community there is access to lactation consultants, antenatal classes and other support groups. Visit for more information.


Lakes District Hospital Maternity Unit offers birthing and postnatal services.  The unit is staffed 24/7 with registered midwives to support women choosing to birth at the hospital or who transfer back from another hospital for postnatal care. It has five postnatal beds and one birthing room. The unit is BFHI accredited which means they have a strong emphasis on breastfeeding, however, will support a woman in the decision to feed her baby that is right for her.  Information about the maternity services at Lakes District Hospital and details of local midwives operating in the area can be found in the brochure here.


Lumsden Maternity Centre is a Primary Birthing Facility providing birthing and postnatal care facilities to women in the Lumsden / Te Anau area. The centre offers a home from home for women and their families staying at the centre with three post natal rooms available.  A midwife is on call 24 hours a day to support the women with their LMC during labour and birth. Fully qualified nurses provide 24 hour care post birthing, to nurture new families on those important first days.  Help is provided to new mothers to establish breastfeeding and the centre is BFHI registered and part of the WHO Baby Friendly initiative. Visit for more information.


Winton Maternity & Health Centre has midwives available that provide full continuity of care from early pregnancy until the baby is six weeks old. The centre offers free pregnancy tests and blood tests, antenatal care, specialist referrals if necessary, antenatal classes, and care and support during labour and birth.  Postnatal care is provided at the clinic and at home during the first six weeks after birth and help with breastfeeding.


Accessing LMC Care in early Pregnancy

All women are encouraged to contact an LMC midwife or GP as soon as they discover they are pregnant. You can find a list of fully qualified LMC midwives practicing in your region via the website

Free Pregnancy and Parenting Education

Plunket provides ‘free’ Pregnancy and Parenting Education (PPE) programmes (previously known as ‘Antenatal’ classes) throughout the Southern District, with a focus on supporting first time parents.  The programme is designed to help you make the best choices for you and your family/whanau and assisting you to gain confidence, skills and understanding of your pregnancy, childbirth and parenting role.

We encourage enrolment for a course as soon as your pregnancy has been confirmed.

For more information and to enrol click:

Newborn Hearing Screening

Babies born in hospital will be screened before going home in most cases. Click here for additional information on this service.

Our Maternity Unit is fortunate to have several certified Lactation Consultants on staff. 



Southland Hospital Kew Rd Invercargill, Ground floor, main hospital

Gore Hospital, 9 Birch Lane, Gore

Lakes District Hospital, Douglas St, Frankton

Lumsden Maternity Centre, 58 Garden St, Lumsden

Winton Maternity & Health Centre, 384 Great North Road, Winton


Contact Details

Winton Maternity & Health Centre Ph 03 236 0034