Maori Health Liaison Service

Maori Health Liaison Service


The Māori Health Liaison Service within the provider arm assists with healthcare delivery to patients and their whanau in accordance with Tikaka Best Practice.


Their role is to visit Māori patients, assess need and provide appropriate support. 


They provide a call reminder service to patients of their pending outpatient's appointments; encourage compliance and positive healthy life choices.


They can assist with whanau accommodation if required. The accommodation is available for whanau who have a loved member in hospital and is for short term stays only.



Dunedin Hospital, 201 Great King St

  • Ground Floor, main entrance - Whanau room

Contact Details

Ph: 03 474 0999 - Ext: 8649, Pager: 6691 - Hata Temo

Ph: 03 474 0999 - Ext: 5106,  Pager: 6121 - Aroha Ngatai