Speech Language Therapy

Speech Language Therapy


Speech-Language Therapists work with adults with the following communication and swallowing difficulties/disorders:


  • Communication impairment following stroke, traumatic brain injury, head and neck cancer, progressive and other neurological conditions.
  • this includes the production of speech; understanding of spoken and written information; writing; cognitive-communication disorder; voice disorders and fluency/stuttering
  • Swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) following stroke; traumatic brain injury; head and neck cancer; progressive and other neurological conditions.


Speech Language Therapist work across all services and settings in the hospital, outpatients and community.


Contact Details

Ph: 03 474 0999 ext: 5518 - Community Speech Language Therapy (Wakari Hospital)

Ph: 03 474 0999 ext: 8536 - Acute Speech-Language Therapy (Dunedin Hospital)

Fax: 03 470 3849 - Acute Speech-Language Therapy (Dunedin Hospital)


New Zealand Speech-Language Therapist Association Inc - www.speechtherapy.org.nz