Antenatal HIV Screening

Antenatal HIV Screening


All pregnant women in New Zealand are offered the opportunity for screening for HIV (human immunodeficiency virus - a virus that affects the body's ability to fight infection).

The HIV test will be offered at the same time as other routine antenatal blood tests (blood group and Rhesus factor, full blood count, hepatitis B, rubella and syphilis). One sample of blood can be used for all the tests, which are free.

The chance of babies becoming infected with HIV can reduce from 31.5% to less than 1% if it is known that a pregnant mother has HIV and consents to the free treatment.



The health professional who confirms the pregnancy usually organises the first antenatal blood tests, and also gives the results.

Treatment if required will be organised by the LMC (lead maternity carer) and the staff at either Southland or Dunedin Hospital.


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