Communicable Disease

Communicable Disease

Public Health South provides a range of services to prevent, control and manage the spread of communicable disease within the community.  The Health Act 1956 requires certain diseases to be notified to a Medical Officer of Health.  Public Health South investigates both individual cases of notifiable diseases and outbreaks of disease.  This involves identifying the causative agents, tracing and screening of contacts and organising control measures to prevent the spread of diseases, including: 

  • hand hygiene (washing hands for 20 seconds and drying for 20 seconds)
  • cough etiquette and social distancing
  • environmental cleaning
  • policies for sick people in workplaces and institutions
  • immunisation within high risk groups and target populations (e.g. BCG) 
  • vaccination for preventable disease (e.g. measles, whooping cough)
  • vaccination for other serious illness (e.g. Meningitis, Hepatitis B and C).

The national childhood immunisation programme plays an important role in reducing the spread of communicable disease.

To notify Public Health South of a suspected water or food borne illness or a vaccine preventable disease please report the issue.

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