Sexual Health Promotion

Sexual Health Promotion

The Sexual Health Promotion’s service mission is to “promote positive sexual and reproductive health and well-being throughout the district”. Our service delivers integrated needs-led initiatives to diverse communities and health professionals. The approach is based on a positive, holistic concept of sexual and reproductive health which values sexual rights, choice and diversity.

Services and Programs

Sexual and reproductive health is important to our overall health. The right information can help reduce unintended pregnancy, prevent disease and ensure safe and nurturing sexual relationships. Public Health South programmes promote healthy sexual and reproductive health services, and provide accurate information and resources. Our programmes promote positive sexual and reproductive health and responsible sexual behaviour as an integral part of healthy lifestyles (Hinengaro/Wairua/Tinana/Whanau) using population health and evidence-based approaches.

Aims are to:

  • Increase use of contraception and STI control measures
  • Increase use of sexual and reproductive health services
  • Increase ability to manage potentially unsafe environments
  • Increase informed decision-making on initiation of sexual activity
  • Increase personal sexual health skills and behaviour
  • Increase family/whanau support for sexual and reproductive health, especially among youth/rangatahi
  • Reduce sexual discrimination
  • Increase uptake of sexual and reproductive health resources

For more information on our programmes or to find out how we can support you, contact us.

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