Māori Health Directorate

Māori Health Directorate

The Southern DHB Māori Health Directorate contributes to the development and implementation of innovative sustainable strategies and objectives for the future.  We ensure that Māori health gains as well as participation in health care and decision making is achieved through collaboration at all levels of the DHB.

We comprise of:

  • Māori Health Strategic and Development - click here
  • Māori Health Service Delivery - click here

The Māori Health Strategic and Development arm develops district wide strategies and initiatives that create structural change across the health sector as well as organisational culture change to address health disparities for Māori and develop culturally responsive services.  We work with Iwi Māori to establish and maintain processes to enable Māori to participate in and contribute to strategies for Māori health improvement.

  • Māori Health Documents and Applications (link pending)