Strategy and Planning

The Southern District Health Board Māori Health Profile 2015 focuses on the health status of Māori, and in particular where there are inequalities compared to non- Māori.

The below chart book presents key indicators relating to the socioeconomic determinants of health, risk and protective factors for health, health status, health service use and the health system. It uses the most recent data available for each indicator

Health inequalities are disparities in health status between various groups within population.  With a growing and ageing population and a rise in chronic and long-term conditions, such as heart disease, respiratory conditions and diabetes, we have a challenge to integrate our services and systems across the health spectrum to improve patient outcomes and reduce the demands on our hospitals.  There is a real need for intersectoral collaboration to implement innovative and forward-looking activities that align with the Southern direction.  The Southern DHB Māori Health Priorities Framework provides strategic direction to address the causes of inequity.