What is the new Home and Community Support Service?

What is the new Home and Community Support Service?

Southern District Health Board is introducing some changes to this service over the next two years, to improve the quality of care that you receive.  The benefits of the changes will include:

  • The service you receive will be of higher quality as your care will be planned with you by a Registered Health Professional (for example a Registered Nurse). They will be called a Care Coordinator.
  • Your Care Coordinator will ensure that your Support (Care) Worker(s) will have the right training and support they need to help you
  • Your Care Coordinator will work with you to identify what matters most to you , and prioritise the services you receive accordingly
  • Your Care Coordinator can arrange services that will assist you to live as independently as possible.
  • The services you receive could include assistance with household tasks and personal care as they do now. They could also include assistance to participate in community and social activities that are important to you.
  • Your Care Coordinator will ensure your services are better coordinated with other healthcare and community services you receive, such as working with your GP or District Nurse.

The Southern District Health Board believes that changes to these services will bring many benefits to you and the Southern Community for years to come.

To identify the best providers of this new service the Southern District Health Board recently undertook a competitive tendering process. Three providers of the new service have been chosen. These are:

  • Access Homehealth
  • Healthcare of New Zealand
  • Royal District Nursing Service New Zealand

Southern DHB has produced a leaflet that gives people receiving Home and Community Support Services information about how the new service is different, and gives an example of how it can work.  You can view the leaflet here.