The Consultation and Selection Process

The Consultation and Selection Process

The new model of service was developed following community consultation in 2011 which asked stakeholders for their views on how to better support older people in the community. This consultation culminated in a report which described a "model of care that integrates health and support services in the community for the older person".

Following this in June 2012 further public consultation was sought on the proposed new model of care for Home and Community Support Services. Feedback from stakeholders supported the six key outcomes of the proposal.

In the new model of care Home and Community Support Services will focus on maximising clients' independence and wellbeing, while providing better quality care. Service provision will be more flexible, and will be better tailored to meet an individual's needs by focusing on what people need to stay healthy and independent.

Registered health professionals will lead the service, with increased training for support workers. The changes will also ensure that services are more equitable and consistent across the district, are better coordinated with other healthcare providers, including GPs, and that services have a faster response time and are easier for clients and families to access.

Care manager roles will be developed for older clients, who can be a key contact for older people and their families.

You can read the Home and Community Support Services Proposal for Change here and a Summary of the Consultation Feedback here