Steering Group

Steering Group

The Southern DHB Child and Youth Steering Group was established in December 2013 and includes representation from primary care, population health services, secondary care, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Development, NGO Providers, Planning and Funding and others. The Steering Group provides the DHB with advice on the health and disability support needs of children and young people in the Southern DHB.  This intersectoral group will lead implementation on Children’s Action Plan initiatives.

Compass Project

The Office of the Children’s Commissioner, the Paediatric Society New Zealand and Ko Awatea-the Centre for Health System Innovation and Improvement, have undertaken the Compass project, with guidance and support from the New Zealand Child and Youth Epidemiology Service, the Health Quality and Safety Commission and others, to share innovation and good practice in child and youth health across New Zealand. 

The Child and Youth Health Compass goals are as follows:

Children, Young People and their families/whānau:

  • Receive high quality and well-coordinated health services at the right place, at the right time
  • Receive health services that are appropriate and acceptable to them and their families/whānau
  • Are respected and active participants in health care decision making, in line with their evolving capacities

Health services are effective for:

  • Tamariki Māori, rangatahi and whānau/hapu
  • Pasifika children, young people and their families
  • Children and young people who experience a disproportionate burden of poor health and disadvantage

The Child and Youth Steering Group will prioritise its work programme based on direction from the Compass project and the Children’s Action Plan

Terms of Reference for the Child and Youth Steering Group are attached:


David Barker (Chair)

Albie Laurence

Ian Shaw

Trish Young

Andrew Kelly

Vili Sotutu

Elaine Chisnall

Jenny Humphries

Jane Wilson

Karen Ramsay

John Allen


Carole Heatly is the sponsor of the Steering Group.

Sharyn Robson

Keith Abbott

Kathryn Palmer

Pania Coote

Thelma Brown

Janet Gafford

Steering Group Meetings

The Child and Youth Steering Group meets once every two months.   

Child and Youth Steering Group meeting information items and public documents are posted on this website one week prior to each meeting.  Meetings are generally held in Dunedin with videoconference linkages with Invercargill.  Information items from the previous two meetings are attached below.  Future meeting dates are scheduled for 25 September and 27 November in 2014.

 26 June 2014




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