Hand Washing Technique

Hand Washing Technique

People can be their own best protection against this illness by remembering to CHIRP

Cover your mouth when you cough, with your elbow or a tissue

Hands - wash them often

Isolate yourself by maintaining a personal space of 1.5m and stay home if you are sick

Reduce germs in your home and workplace by cleaning with disinfectant

Prepare yourself and your family by creating an emergency plan and influenza kit.


The best way to wash your hands is by the following Hand Hygiene Technique


Reference: Hand washing technique (Alliffe et al 1978; Lawrence 1985)

How long should people wash and dry their hands each time?

People should use the 20-20 rule - wash their hands for 20 seconds with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly with clean towels or paper towels for another 20 seconds.