The Southern Partnership Group (SPG) is continuing to meet with key local stakeholders and is progressing planning for the redevelopment of Dunedin Hospital.

The Partnership Group has recently met with the Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of Otago and other University representatives.

“The Hospital and University have a long standing relationship dating back more than 100 years, so involving them at an early stage will add real value to the success of the redevelopment project,” Chair of the Southern Partnership Group Andrew Blair says.  

Meanwhile, Sapere Research Group, who have been contracted to deliver the Strategic Services Plan to help inform the redevelopment, is winding up its series of workshops with Southern DHB staff and other key stakeholders. Sapere is working towards delivering a final Strategic Service Plan and the Strategic Assessment, which sets out the case for change, to the Southern Partnership Group by the end of June.

A Strategic Business Case is expected to be presented to the Capital Investment Committee and Ministers later this year. 

This month the Southern Partnership Group has also approved a process to engage additional resource to support the next phases of work on the Indicative Business Case, which will develop options for redevelopment by June 2017. A Request for Proposal will be issued shortly, inviting input into the preparation of the Business Case and also Architectural and Hospital Planning phases of the redevelopment project.

To further advance planning and to help inform the options for redevelopment, the Southern Partnership Group has also approved a set of building assessments being undertaken to fully determine the condition and capacity of the DHB’s existing Dunedin buildings and infrastructure. This is important to us understanding the issues across the campuses and what changes may be required to ensure these facilities could provide the most efficient and appropriate models of care.

“I’m pleased with the progress to date, especially around our engagement with key local stakeholders. This gives me confidence we’re designing hospital services which will meet the future health needs of the Southern community. The time and effort invested at the front end of this process will best ensure the results at the end of this project are the right ones long term for the people of the Southern region” Mr Blair says.

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