Are you someone with a long-term condition, who needs to see your GP often?


A new programme, Client-Led Integrated Care (CLIC), is being rolled out to general practices across the Southern district. Its aim is to ensure people get the right care, close to home, and are supported to manage their own health.


“CLIC gives doctors and nurses in general practice more flexibility to provide care and more time to spend with patients with long-term conditions, supporting those patients to better self-manage,” says Wendy Findlay, WellSouth, Director of Nursing.

More than half of general practices in the Southern district have now signed on to WellSouth’s long-term conditions programme, helping ensure people get the right care, close to home, and are better supported to managed their own health.

The CLIC programme replaces the previous long–term conditions programme, Care Plus. Under CLIC patients have an hour-long initial assessment with a nurse which includes learning more about what the person knows about their health and seeks to understand what the key issues and challenges are for each patient.

“CLIC is much more personal care and gives nurses and doctors more opportunity to spend more time with patients who need their help the most,” Mrs Findlay says.

CLIC is part of Southern’s Primary and Community Care Strategy and earned a Health Roundtable Award in 2018.