Improved performance against national health targets, progress in developing a values-based culture, and a comprehensive patient safety programme are among the highlights featured in Southern DHB’s 2015/2016 Quality Account, launched today.


The Quality Account is produced annually to report to the community on the DHB’s performance from a quality and safety perspective.


“We’re delighted to be able to share our 2015/2016 Account and showcase some of the excellent work our staff have carried out over the past year, together with some of our plans for the next year,” says Southern DHB Interim Chief Executive, Chris Fleming.


In 2016, a central feature was the launch of the Southern Future programme of work to build a strong internal culture based on a clear understanding of patients’ needs. “This programme is integral to making a difference to our quality and safety processes,” Mr Fleming says. “Evidence shows that when patient and staff experiences improves, so too does quality, safety and productivity.”


Further projects at the DHB included processes for better managing delirium, which can affect up to 40 per cent of elderly hospitalised people; facilitating smoother discharge processes; and a focus on preventing falls for both inpatients and those in the community. These are supported by the teams and systems that promote ongoing quality improvement at the DHB, including the Quality and Patient Safety team, and the Performance team who run the “Skills for Change” and “Innovate” programmes to support and enable staff to bring their innovative ideas to life.


The Account also addresses the learnings from the serious adverse events that have occurred at the DHB, including steps to improve clinical processes, supported by strengthened IT systems.


“Quality and safety is our highest priority, and the responsibility of everyone within the DHB. We congratulate all our teams on their efforts in this area, and look forward to building on these initiatives further to provide the best possible care for our community,” Mr Fleming says.


To view the 2015/2016 Quality Account click here