Consistency and a more accurate reflection of the services provided across the district are behind a name change for Southern DHB’s Community Alcohol and Drug Services (CADS).

The new name - Specialist Addiction Services – provides one name for DHB addiction services across Otago and Southland.

“Clients will get the same support and services, but the new name is a more accurate reflection of the work we do,” says Otago unit manager David Jaggard. “We want to move away from the focus on substances, to focus instead on their impact and the problematic behaviours (addiction) – which is where we aim to help.”

Clients have been notified by letter and new signage is on the way but, says David, most everything else remains the same: “Phone numbers, email addresses, appointments and services continue as per usual and even if you ring the hospital switchboard and ask for CADS, you will still be connected to us.”

Specialist Addiction Services are located at the Main Block at Wakari Hospital (03) 476 9760 and at Southland Hospital (03) 214 5786. There are also offices in the main rural centres which can be contacted via the Dunedin number (03) 476 9760.