Refitted dental clinic provides a more convenient experience for patients

Flexibility is the theme of Southland Hospital’s refitted dental clinic which can be used to treat patients of all ages and levels of ability.


The hospital has a dental department which primarily treats patients with serious physical and medical disabilities who are unable to access care in private dental practice.


To meet their wide variety of needs, flexible space and equipment are needed in the clinic.


The new dental chair can be sat on like a normal chair which allows patients with mobility issues to use it more easily than a standard dental chair.


The chair can also be moved aside so patients with customised wheelchairs can be treated in their own chairs instead of being transferred with a hoist. Bed-bound patients can also be accommodated.


“It’s great that we do have the opportunity to improve our services so our patients can have a better and more convenient experience when they come and see us,” oral health clinical leader Tim Mackay says.


The clinic also has upgraded technology such as quieter electric dental drills, a new LED operating light and more computers to allow our staff to make the most of digital technology.


A rolling upgrade of the hospital’s other dental surgeries will follow over the next few years.

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