Southern DHB announces new Home and Community Support Services providers 
Southern DHB is please to confirm it will be partnering with Healthcare of New Zealand, Access 
Homehealth and Royal District Nursing Service New Zealand to introduce a new model of care for 
providing home and community support services across the Southern district. 
Executive Director Finance and Funding Robert Mackway-Jones said the DHB has spent 18 months 
working with local stakeholders to determine how services can best meet the needs of Southern 
district. “We’ve been through a thorough consultation process to get feedback on the new model of 
care. More recently we’ve undertaken a robust tender process to select providers best able to 
deliver the new model.” 
“The preferred providers all have significant experience in working with this new model in other 
parts of New Zealand. We are confident these providers offer high quality services and work with 
local communities to maximise benefits for the groups of people they provide care for. 
“Each of the providers brings complementary strengths and skills and will work with the DHB and 
communities to further develop this service to benefit of the Southern community for years to 
“This process has been about improving services and most importantly, the new model of care will 
mean much greater flexibility, so that services can be better tailored to help individual clients and 
their whanau achieve their goals. Services will be focused on how best to support people to 
maximise their wellbeing and independence. 
“Registered health professionals will lead the service, with increased training for support workers. 
The changes will also ensure that services are more equitable and consistent across the district, are 
better coordinated with other healthcare providers, including GPs, and that services have a faster 
response time and are easier for clients and families to access.” 

Affected staff will be supported to transfer to a new provider, in line with our tender requirements 
and protection provided by employment relations legislation. 

Mackway-Jones said “The DHB has been working with current and new providers over the last week 
to ensure that all clients and staff will be well informed of the changes and we will be supporting them
through the transition process.” 

“Between now and March, services will continue as normal while we work with provider, clients and 
staff to plan for the changes due to start in March next year. At that time, we will begin a three 
month transition process when some clients will transfer to a new provider.” 
 “The DHB will keep clients and families/whanau updated and further information about how the 
changes will occur will be provided early in the new year. The DHB will be holding meetings across 
the district for clients, families/whanau and community groups to learn more about the new 
providers and the new model of care.” 
For more information about the new providers or the process we have undertake, please go to 
Southern DHB’s Health of Older People page, or click here.