Southern DHB is seeking expressions of interest from home and community support providers as it 
continues its programme to improve the way these services are delivered. 
Following a public consultation process, Southern DHB is beginning the process to confirm providers 
to work with on introducing the new model for home and community support services.  The DHB 
today asked for expressions of interest from potential providers, this will be followed later in the 
year by requests for proposals. 
Executive Director of Funding and Finance Robert Mackway‐Jones said the public and stakeholders 
provided positive feedback following a month long consultation and the DHB is pleased to be moving 
forward with the next phase of the process.  “Over 85 percent of the people and groups who made 
submissions supported the six key outcomes of the proposal and we have taken on board 
suggestions to improve the proposal and its implementation.” 
“We are pleased to start working with potential providers to determine which organisations will best 
fit the vision we have for a better way of delivering home and community support services.  We 
want to build a partnership with providers as we begin to try and support people living at home in a 
more holistic way.” 
“Changes in home‐based support are not likely to start until the middle of next year, and will be 
introduced  gradually to ensure  clients have all the  information they need about  changes to the 
Key changes under the home and community support services proposal: 
Under the proposal, home and community support services will focus on maximising clients’ 
independence and wellbeing, while providing better quality care.  This model is more flexible, and 
can be better tailored to meet an individuals needs by, focusing on what people individually need to 
stay healthy and independent. 
A care manager role will be developed for older clients with complex needs, who can be a key 
contact for older people and their families.  
Under the new model services will be more equitable and transparent across the district, as well as 
being easier for older people to access and use.  There will be clearer criteria for accessing services. 
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Steve Addison
Executive Director of Communications, Southern DHB  
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