Stoptober – It’s just like October but without the cigarettes!

People who smoke in the south are being encouraged to give stopping a go during the month of October.

“The Southern DHB Smokefree team are promoting the Stoptober campaign in the southern district even though it’s not running nationally this year,” says Debby Newton, Southern DHB Smokefree Coordinator.

Stoptober is being promoted on the Smokefree South Facebook page .  People who smoke are encouraged to check out the daily posts throughout the month for motivation, information and encouragement to give stopping a go.

Stopping smoking is always easier in groups, so the team are suggesting to people who smoke to get their friends and family together and set a goal to go the month of October without cigarettes.

“People feel so much better after a month without cigarettes, and often they carry on not smoking,” says Ms Newton.

The Southern Stop Smoking Service is ready and waiting to provide free support for those joining the campaign.  “You have a greater chance of succeeding with the support the Southern Stop Smoking service offers,” says Ms Newton.  “Send a Facebook message to the DHB Smokefree team and they will talk to you all about the free support available.”


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