Not only do we have New Zealand's premier scenic destinations in our region, we also have some of New Zealand's most affordable property prices - meaning your dream of owning a spacious, stand alone house and garage with a big back yard is certainly much more achievable here!  Space is the key word when it comes to housing in the Otago Southland region - generally most houses have a large back yard/garden for the kids and pets to play in, a garage, shed and often a back deck too.

House Types / Materials

Semi-detached housing is not common in NZ, and you will find that the majority of our region's houses are stand alone with a good sized back yard. Our homes are generally made of either brick; weatherboard; or plaster.  Although newer homes tend to have double glazing, the majority of NZ homes do not have double glazing or central heating. This is quite a change for many people, especially those coming from the UK/Europe. Instead we tend to rely on heap pumps, multi-fuel burners, or gas heaters and heavier thermal backed curtains to keep the warmth in!

There is a wide range of property types available in our region, including character villas, modern double story ‘executive' type houses, older style single story homes, hobby-farm lifestyle properties, smaller townhouses and something in the middle. With much to choose from, it is a good idea to take your time looking around before committing to a purchase or long term rental.

Rent First, Buy Later 

We suggest that you rent a property when you first move to our region - this gives you a chance to look around and get a feel for the city/town you are moving to and the different housing options. It also gives you the time to visit colleague's homes, check out schools, decide if you want to be located closer to the beach, closer to the central city parks or maybe it will be a lifestyle hobby farm you will decide on. Most importantly you can take your time in viewing a number of properties for sale and decide on the price you wish to pay and the type of property you and your family will enjoy the most.

Rental properties are generally readily available in our region and you can often move into a property within the space of a couple of weeks from seeing it advertised and having viewed it. Sometimes staff working at our hospitals will own an investment rental property that they are looking for tenants to move into and which may suit you. Other colleagues in the department you are coming to work for may also know of a friend who is looking for a house sitter for a suitable length of time for your needs.

Find out more about the renting process and buying process; where to find a home; getting a mortgage; and things you need to know about housing here.