New Zealand Education System

New Zealand has a government funded education system that is free until the age of 19. Schooling is compulsory from age 6 through until age 16, though most children commence primary school at age 5, joining into the current school year at the time of their 5th birthday.  The school year usually starts at the end of January/early February and concludes in mid-December, with four school terms throughout the year.  The main types of schools include:

Level Years
Primary School Years 1-6
Full Primary School Years 1-8
Intermediate School Years 7-8
Secondary School Years 9-13
Area/Composite School combining different year levels (eg. Years 1-13, Years 1-10)

The provides helpful information regarding our education system and the options available to your family. The below website links take you directly through to these Immigration NZ website education pages. Please note that each page has additional sub-topics, providing you with further in-depth information.

Education in the Otago Southland Region

The Otago Southland region of New Zealand offers excellent education options for children - starting at early childhood level, through to primary and secondary schooling and also tertiary study. There is a school to suit every child, whether they are academic, sporty, arty or a mix of everything! From single-sex, co-educational, integrated (religious), or boarding school (for those living rurally), our region can offer your child a top quality, well rounded education.  Please select the following links for local school websites/contact information.

You can access reports about every school in New Zealand from the Education Review Office (ERO). ERO reviews schools and early childhood education services every three years, and publishes national reports on current education practice.