Child Protection Policies

Child Protection Policies

Who requires a Child Protection Policy?


Under the Vulnerable Children Act, Southern DHB must ensure that every contract, or funding arrangement we enter into with an independent person requires the person to adopt a child protection policy if

  • they become a provider of children's services,
  • some or all of the contract is about the provision of children's service


This covers both

  • Individual contractors directly working as Children's Workers 
  • Organisations who are contracted to provide children's services 


Southern DHB must report in its annual report on the extent to which we have, and our funding and contract arrangements have complied with these requirements.  To view the Southern DHB Child Protection policy please click here


Southern DHB requirements



All organisations who are contracted to provide children's services at Southern DHB must develop their own Child Protection Policy. 

A copy of this child protection policy must be provided to the DHB contract manager by the external organisation as the contract for service is being developed.  This copy will be saved with the contract. 



Individuals who are engaged by Southern DHB as Children's Workers (e.g. locum doctors, Podiatrists) may either

  • develop their own policy, or
  • choose to adopt the Southern DHB policy whilst engaged with the DHB. 

The individual must notify the contract / service manager at the beginning of their term of engagement which policy they will be adopting, and provide a signed copy for the DHB records. 


Developing a Child Protection Policy

A Child Protection Policy is a written policy that clearly defines what is required by individuals to keep children safe. 
It must outline processes for 
  • identifing and reporting of child abuse and neglect,
  • recruitment of individuals who will work as children's workers and,
  • ongoing staff training in child protection. 
Importantly the policy must provide guidance on what behaviour is expected of individuals where abuse or neglect is identifed. 
When writing your child protection policy, the child matters website provides lots of useful information to assist organisations and individual contractors to develop a child protection policy.  This includes a child protection policy checklist which outlines the content of a child protection policy.  Other resources cover how to write a policy, safe recruitment practices, what to do if worried about a child, and child protection training.