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Public Health South receives and follows up complaints from the public about various issues that can affect public health. Please fill in the form below and select the relevant topic. See below the form for details on the types of things covered by each topic.

Please note that we cannot provide personal health advice via email.

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Food safety:
Any suspected cases or outbreaks of food poisoning.

Herbal smoking products
Sale of herbal/synthetic smoking products to minors.

Hazardous substances:
Discarded, leaking or unidentified hazardous substance containers, inappropriate use of vertebrate toxins (Eg 1080, cyanide) and spraydrift incidents that may pose a direct human or environmental health risk.

Poor host responsibility:
Includes bars, restaurants and clubs that do not promote or provide food whilst alcohol is available, lack control of intoxicated patrons and have inadequate smoke-free, intoxication and minors signage.

Recreational water hazards:
Notification of potential waterborne contamination in and around lakes and rivers used for swimming or food gathering.

Smoke-free Complaints
Public Health South employs designated Smoke-free Officers to enforce the Smoke-free Environments Act and respond to complaints regarding:

  • The sale of tobacco or herbal smoking products to people under 18 years
  • Smoking inside a workplace
  • Smoking inside licensed premises
  • Smoking at playgrounds
  • Advertising tobacco products or brands
  • Display of products from mid-June