Current Issues and Health Alerts

Current Issues and Health Alerts

Current Issues and Health Alerts

Public health alerts are provided by Public Health South to help communities in the Southern Region manage and monitor local public health issues.


There is an outbreak of mumps in Dunedin mostly affecting the university population and under 25 year age group. This is as a result of ongoing outbreaks of mumps both in Auckland and the Pacific Region. Many of the cases have been infected while travelling in areas where outbreak have occurred. Unfortunately there has also been a number of cases where people have been infected locally and it is now believed that mumps is circulating in the community.

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Since the start of the year there has been an increase in Mumps cases in NZ. While most of the cases have occurred in Auckland cases are occurring nationally. Cases have now started to appear in our region and the Medical Officer of Health is urging parents to ensure their children’s vaccines are up to date. Further information on Mumps can be found on the Ministry of Health’s website.


Since November 2017, the Ministry of Health has declared a national outbreak of pertussis due to higher than normal notifications of suspected cases.

Pertussis is highly infectious and is spread by coughing and sneezing.    Pertussis can affect anyone, although statistically in our region it occurs more commonly in people under the age of 19.  Pertussis can be very serious for babies and children – especially those under 1 year old. For more information click HERE

All health alerts are current and when any change in status occurs this page will be updated.