Dunedin Hospital Redevelopment

In August 2017 Ministers approved the rebuild of Dunedin hospital at a cost of between $1.2 billion and $1.4 billion.

The project is the result of a number of buildings on the hospital campus nearing the end of their life, including the Clinical Services Building built in 1960.

The Government approved the Indicative Business Case (IBC) which narrows down the options to two preferred ones; a new Dunedin Hospital to be built or on a new city site yet to be selected or on Southern District Health Board land at Wakari. The build is estimated to be completed in seven to 10 years.

See the Indicative Business case. The IBC contains some redactions for reasons of commercial sensitivity. 

The Ministry of Health is now working closely with the Southern Partnership Group and Southern District Health Board on the Detailed Business Case for the redevelopment of Dunedin Hospital. The Detailed Business Case will agree the preferred option and cover the detailed design, procurement, and construction phases of the project. 

As scheduled, the IBC which sets out options for the redevelopment of Dunedin Hospital, was signed off by the Southern Partnership Group on 26 June 2017, reviewed by the Capital Investment Committee in July and approved by Cabinet in August.   

A Clinical Leadership Group has been established by Southern DHB to provide clinical advice to the Dunedin Hospital Redevelopment project.

The group is chaired by Dr David Perez and is made up of medical, nursing and allied health staff.

The collective clinical expertise and local knowledge of the group will provide advice and recommendations to Southern DHB and the Southern Partnership Group to ensure the redevelopment of Dunedin Hospital aligns with the district’s clinical and service needs.

The terms of reference for the group are here.

Earlier this year, the Southern Partnership Group released the Strategic Services Plan, the first formal document completed as part of he redevelopment of Dunedin Hospital.

The Strategic Services Plan looks at Southern DHB’s future population and demographic forecasts, and considers challenges and potential solutions at a high level. The document is intended to help us understand the future health needs of the Southern region and help shape what future health services and the future hospital needs to look like.

The Strategic Services Plan is available here.

Staff, clinicians and management at Southern DHB have made a significant contribution to both these documents and will continue to be involved and engaged as planning progresses.

The focus is now on developing the Indicative Business Case, which will include a short list of options for redevelopment by mid-2017.

Click here for Ministry of Health - Dunedin Hospital redevelopment information.