Summary Health Needs Assessments

People from refugee backgrounds will have different health needs, especially when first settling into their new country. Information is not known about the specific health needs of former refugees or about each quota until they arrive in Mangere and have completed their health assessments. New arrivals spend around six weeks in Mangere before travelling to Dunedin.

In Mangere, new arrivals receive comprehensive screening and urgent issues are treated. Screening assessments include some of the following information but also contain other information. This outline is provided to describe the extent of screening. In addition to this, patients also come with information about their history of care provided while in Mangere.

All information is on electronic records and will be transferred to the practice where a patient is enrolled through the GP2GP transfer system. Information about the overall screening process is available from the Medical Health Book Refugee Health Screening Centre 2015. To access this information click here.

The information below describes the population health needs of different cultures reported in the literature.