Home Team

Home Team

Supporting you in your home

Home is often the best place to receive care and recover from illness. Patients in Dunedin who would normally have stayed in hospital, or who are at risk of a hospital admission from the community, are now receiving care and support at home, thanks to the ‘Home team’.

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Who are the Home team?

The ‘Home team’ are a team of nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers and rehabilitation assistants.

What does the ‘Home team’ do?

The team work with patients from the emergency department to the hospitals wards to make sure when discharge is possible, the most appropriate care and support is available for them to go home. The team also works with GP’s and other community services to avoid preventable admissions to hospital for people who are still at home. 

What happens when a patient is referred to the Home team?

Patients who have been in hospital either as an inpatient, or in the Emergency Department will receive a visit from a member of the Home Team service within 24 hours of leaving hospital. Patient who are still at home will receive a visit from a member of the Home Team within 24 hours of referral to the team.

A comprehensive assessment is carried out by one of the health professionals on the team.  This assessment provides the team with information to be able to coordinate appropriate care and support in a timely manner.

Patients receive all the care and support they need from the ‘Home team’ for up to 
two weeks in their own home. If they need support and services longer term, they will be referred to other teams, services and providers in the community

Why is it better to recover at home?

Patients recover quicker when they are in the familiar surroundings of their own home and have a much greater chance of regaining their independence. At home, patients are likely to get up and be more active than in hospital meaning less loss of mobility, fitness and muscle strength. The calmer environment of home also helps recovery. 

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