Performance and Outcomes

Performance and Outcomes


Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Framework for New Zealand Mental Health and Addiction Services. Link.


Examples of mental health and addiction outcomes frameworks and logic models

British Columbia – Suicide PIP (Prevention, Intervention, Postvention) Initiative Logic Model  (included in larger report). Link

California State University Logic Model and Evaluation Plan - Alcohol Abuse Prevention. Link

HM Government (UK). 2011. No health without mental health - a cross-government mental health strategy for people of all ages. Link

NHS. Health Scotland. 2010. Outcomes framework for Scotland’s mental health improvement strategy. Link

NHS Health Scotland - Alcohol Outcomes Triangle. Link

MC Wesley. The Logic Model in Mental Health Program Development. Powerpoint presentation. Link 

S Greenaway and S Borell.  Evaluating community alcohol projects: an introduction to programme logic.  ALAC Working Together Conference, 3-4 May 2007.  Powerpoint presentation – includes a logic model for a rangatahi and alcohol project.  Link

New Zealand National Suicide Information Service (SPINZ) logic model. Link

South Dakota Department of Human Services, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse.  Logic Model Guidebook. Link

M Kenzig. 2008. Utilizing Logic Models to Develop Interventions for High-Risk Alcohol Use. NAPSA Conference Presentation, January 2008. Link.

Other health logic models

Ministry of Health. A Guide to Developing Public Health Programmes. A generic programme logic model. Link

Other outcomes resources

L Dovey. State Services Commission, 2003. Achieving Better Social Outcomes in New Zealand Through Collaboration: Perspectives from the United State. Link.

Ministry of Health.  Mental Health Outcomes Factsheet 2009-2010. Link.