MHAPP Workforce Survey

MHAPP Workforce Survey

Project status: Survey closed 29 April 2011.  Analysis completed.  Report available as part of the Situational Analysis, available for download here.

A MHAPP Southern Workforce Survey was undertaken by Richard Harris from the Project Support Team.  

The purpose of the MHAPP Southern Workforce Survey was:

  • To produce a "detailed picture" of the Southern Mental Health & Addiction Workforce as at April 2011, and to seek and collate feedback on future workforce needs

The objectives were:

  • To update, and expand, the baseline information collected for Southland in the 2009 Future Directions Workforce Snapshot
  • To identify our current workforce strengths and gaps
  • To quantify our Service User workforce, and identify their needs
  • To identify future workforce needs, in order to inform the Mental Health and Addiction Planning Project

The project consisted of two surveys.  One wa an organisational-level survey, to be completed by a manager or equivalent position in every organisation that is funded by Southern DHB to provide mental health and/or addiction services.  The other was an individual-level survey, to be completed by everyone who works, or volunteers, in a Southern DHB-funded mental health and addiction service.

How was the information used?

Information was anonymised and presented in a way that identification of individual respondents was not possible.

Why was it important?

The initial stage of the mental health and addiction planning project (MHAPP) involved collecting extensive information on the current services available to people in the Southern DHB who have a mental health and/or addiction support need.  It was also vital to have information on the workforce that meets those needs.  Supporting a skilled, responsive workforce will be critical to achieving any Mental Health and Addiction Plan. 

The Workforce Survey was a great opportunity to collect sector-wide workforce information for the first time. The survey also collected information - again for the first time - on the Service User Workforce in the Southern DHB region.  This reflects national priorities.  Te Hononga states:

"In 2015 the expertise, experience and insights of service users will be valued throughout the mental health and addiction sector.  They will use their skills as members of the workforce in both peer-run and general services, as well as across other organisational functions such as recruitment and training, research and service evaluation.  The roles of people who have experience of mental health and addiction will include both participation and leadership in service planning, development, delivery and policy formulation..."

As well as collecting information on our workforce, the survey collected information on training and development needs.  This will enable us to take a co-ordinated, proactive approach to future workforce development, and will inform our regional- and national-level work with workforce development agencies.

More information

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