Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Justice
Criminal Conviction History

 Please print out the complete Ministry of Justice Form and ensure you fully complete the following:

  1. Step 2 (page 2 and 3) only complete, (signed and dated)              
  2. One form of ID (one of these must be a photo ID) attached

This check requires a legible photocopy of your identification which must contain your signature. This can be one of the following:

  • NZ Passport ID page (if expired within past two years this is still acceptable)
  • International Passport (must be current)
  • New Zealand Firearms licence
  • Drivers Licence

If you do not have the suitable identification, as listed above, please complete ‘Step 5’ Proof of Identity section

Download the Ministry of Justice criminal conviction form

Link to Ministry of Justice form/information on filling out the form Request Criminal Conviction History - Third Party


Please remember to bring this completed form and the appropriate identification to your interview.