Te Ara Hauora (the Māori Health Liaison Service) (Dunedin Hospital)

Te Ara Hauora (the Māori Health Liaison Service) (Dunedin Hospital)

  • Kaiāwhina (Social Support)
  • Kaiarahi (Cultural Development)
  • Nursing Service

The Māori Health team provides inpatient support to Māori patients and their whānau who have been admitted into the Dunedin Public Hospital.

Services we offer for inpatients include:

  • Social support services and a call reminder service to whānau related to pending outpatient appointments
  • Cultural facilitation with health professionals designed to help Māori patients and their whānau during their stay in hospital
  • Promotion of education and health promotion strategies
  • Facilitate appropriate and effective co-ordination between both hospital and community services.
  • Monitor and review whānau engagement with referred services
  • Advocate on behalf of the patient and/or their whānau
  • Facilitate access to accommodation for whānau members who have a loved one receiving hospital care.

The team works as an integral part of the wider hospital multi-disciplinary team to provide culturally appropriate support to patients and their whānau.  We ensure that patients and their whānau are fully informed of and understand the process of care that will occur during their inpatient stay at Dunedin Public Hospital.

Kotahi te hoe, ka ū te waka ki uta
When we paddle in unison, we will reach the shore together


If you are a patient at the Dunedin Public Hospital and if you identify yourself as Māori, you will receive a visit from the Māori Health Liaison Service. All people can request contact from the Māori Liaison service by asking clinical staff to make contact with the service. We accept referrals to assist patients, but we are not a 24-hour service.


Dunedin Hospital Ground Floor Whānau Room
Phone: 034740999 ext 8649 pager 6691
Phone: 034740999 ext 5106 pager 6121
Open: 8.00am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.