Our Planning Cycle

Our Planning Cycle

As a DHB we must balance national health goals and targets set by the Government, and the South Island DHBs regional priorities alongside our own district's population health needs and the community's expectations about priorities for health, within our available funding. 

To determine how Southern DHB will purchase health services to improve, promote and protect the health of its population, an ongoing cycle of planning takes place, as illustrated in the figure below.

Key to this planning cycle is the Health Needs Assessment (or Health Profile of the local population) together with overarching government policy and strategy the Minister of Health's DHB Health Targets, and the South Island regional priorities which shape and guide the direction of the DHB's funding priority areas and our strategic and operational planning activity.

Southern DHB is required to produce an Annual Plan (with statement of intent) which has to be approved by the Minster of Health. The Annual Plan details the strategic direction, delivering on the priorities and targets, and how we will measure our achievement.


The following figure shows the wider DHB planning and accountability framework and the linkage between the DHB's key strategic planning and accountability documents (South Island Regional Health Services Plan), DHB Annual Plan (with Statement of Intent) to the local health needs assessment (HNA) and overarching government policy and strategy.

 DHB Accountability Framework