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Our Publications


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The A3 Problem Solving Methodology

A3 is a structured problem solving methodology used within Southern DHB. The term ‘A3’ refers to the paper size used for the report and was coined at the Toyota Motor Corporation where the A3 problem solving methodology was developed.

The A3 is a tool to be shared with and reviewed by others. It is completed as a team and fosters collaboration and common understanding of the issues as well as gaining ‘buy in’ to the proposed solutions.

Creating the PowerPoint® A3

PowerPoint® is an ideal way to computerise the A3 because it allows a combination of photos, graphs, text and drawings to be entered anywhere on the page, giving the greatest flexibility in formatting. New slides can be created by duplicating previous slides, and the new slide modified easily.

An A3 template is available electronically on this page.

If the PowerPoint® template is used, it can create a new version every time the A3 is updated. The process is as follows.

When it comes time to update the A3

  • Duplicate the most recent slide to create two identical slides.
  • Make the changes on the new slide number one.
  • Save the presentation

If this process is followed every time the A3 is updated, the presentation will contain a full history of the work undertaken and the most recent information will always open as the first slide of the presentation.