Our Planning and Accountability Documents

Southern DHB undertakes an ongoing cycle of planning to identify how we will purchase and deliver health services within our available funding and how we will implement national, regional (South Island) and local health strategies to best meet the community's health needs and improve our population's health status.

The New Zealand Public Health and Disability Amendment Act 2010 (NZPHD Act) requires DHBs to address local, regional, and national needs.  This change to the Act has resulted in a change in the planning and accountability documents from previous years.  As part of this new process, Southern DHB is required to prepare and have agreed by the Minister of Health, several key accountability planning and report documents, as described below. 


Health Profile Southern District 2013

This is a high level snapshot of the people who currently live in this district.     The information is drawn from the 2013 national census, as well as from Southern Primary Health Organisation and also includes data and reports from the Ministry of Health and the DHB itself.
This is the first time this description of the entire Southern district has been collated.  It will form part of the background documents  used by the DHB to fulfil its objectives, including improving, promoting, and protecting the health of people and communities, seeking the best arrangements for effective and efficient health services in order to meet local, regional, and national needs and reducing health disparities.

The Health Profile is a living document that will be regularly updated as information becomes available and it will also contribute to a more detailed understanding of the health needs of the Southern community.


South Island Health Services Plan

Regional Health Services Plans (HSP) is the medium-term (3-5 years) accountability document for DHBs.  The South Island HSP is prepared by the five South Island DHBs and set out the strategic context and plans for an integrated and collaborative approach to sustainable health and disability services.

Each year the SI DHBs prepare a supplementary implementation plan to the SIHSP which details the South Island DHBs regional workplans for the coming year.

Regional HSPs replace the District Strategic Plan (DSP) with the passing of the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Amendment Act 2010 (NZPHD Act).  The historical DSPs are located in the document archive - coming soon

Annual Plan

Each DHB has a statutory responsibility to prepare an Annual Plan (AP) for approval by the Minister of Health (Section 38 of the New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000) which provides accountability to the Minister.

The AP is the DHB's plan which aligns the DHB direction to national (Minister's Letter of Expectations, national policy), regional (SIHSP) and local priorities, provides clear actions on how we intend to deliver on our objectives, and how we will measure our success.

The AP is prepared each year for the financial year 1 July - 30 June.

Statement of Intent Within the AP is the Statement of Intent (SOI) which provides accountability to Parliament, and the public (Section 139 of the Crown Entities Act 2004).  The SOI the key performance indicators that Southern DHB intends to meet in order to improve, promote and protect the health of our local population.

The AP replaces the separate District Annual Plan (DAP) and SOI.  Historical DAPs and SOIs are located in the document archive LINK.

Annual Report The Annual Report is prepared annually and reports to Parliament and the public how Southern DHB has performed against the objectives and key performance indicators set within the Statement of Intent and the Annual Plan.
Delegation of Authority

This Policy sets the delegation of authority limits and all employees and Board members of Southern District Health Board ("the DHB"), including temporary employees and contractors to the DHB, must comply with this policy.

Southern Māori Health Plan The National Māori Health Strategy - He Korowai Oranga 2001 states that Māori have the poorest health of any ethnic group in the country.  The Southern Māori Health Plan shapes the journey of Māori Health over the next 12 months by identifying those local issues affecting Māori Health.

It is envisaged that this plan will link and align with the Southern DHB Annual Plan

Southern Māori Health Profile

The Southern District Health Board Māori Health Profile 2015 focuses on the health status of Māori, and in particular where there are inequalities compared to non- Māori.

Performance Excellence & Quality Improvement Strategy

The Southern DHB Performance Excellence and Quality Improvement framework is made up of a number of elements, click the below link to read more

Wakatipu Health Reference Group

In May 2011 the newly formed Southern District Health Board (SDHB) asked the National Health Board to lead an independent process to develop accelerated planning for future health care provision for the people of the Wakatipu basin, click the below link to read more

Position Papers

The below documents outline the Southern District Health Boards position on important issues throughout the district.