Pepi Pods

Pepi Pods

pepi pod new What is the Southern District Health Board Pēpi-Pod Programme?

The Southern District Health Board (DHB) Pēpi-Pod® sleep space programme is a coordinated approach to delivering infant public health services, including safe sleep, smokefree, breastfeeding, immunisation and gentle handling, to those most at risk of experiencing Sudden Unexpected Death of an Infant (SUDI). There are Three core elements to delivery:

  • Infant health education
  • Portable sleep space
  • Spread of the following safe sleep awareness messages:

    • Babies sleep on their back
    • With airways clear
    • In their own bed
    • With carer near

The Three programme components are essential. They facilitate engagement with priority families, offer a safe sleep space and promote a partnership relationship and shared responsibility for protecting the region’s more vulnerable infants.

The Southern DHB Pēpi-Pod Programme is co-ordinated by Public Health South and supported by the national coordination group, Change for our Children.

Local agencies with contracts to support pregnancy and/or new-borns distribute the pods and collect programme data. Their staff undergo programme-specific distributor training.

If your organisation would be interested in becoming a Pēpi-Pod distributor, please contact us on

For more information on Pēpi-Pods, visit

Who is Eligible
for a Southern DHB Pēpi-Pod?

Eligibility for the Southern DHB Pēpi-Pod Programme is based on evidence of increased risk of SUDI. Referrals are encouraged for mothers and babies who meet these criteria.

Pepi Pod

Who can Refer a Mother or Baby for a Pēpi-Pod?

Any agency or individual may refer mothers and infants for pods if they meet the Southern DHB Pēpi-Pod Programme criteria. It is also possible for families to refer themselves for a pod.

How to Make a Referral?

To make a referral please fill in the appropriate referral form below and send through to

Otago (from the Waitaki River in the north to the Clinton area in the South and across to Wanaka in Central Otago)

Southland and Queenstown/Arrowtown (from Gore District, south to Stewart Island and across to Queenstown/Arrowtown)

What is Available for Families who do not Meet the P
ēpi-Pod Criteria?

Where families do not meet programme criteria there is the option of buying a pod using TradeMe (under listing # 819955005). Otherwise, bassinets are available to Dunedin and Invercargill residents from Pregnancy Help Dunedin and Invercargill at no cost.

For Further Information:

Email us at

Or phone:

Otago: 03 476 9800

Southland: 03 211 8500