Of all the food and drink you might consume in your lifetime, only one will be nutritionally complete: Breastmilk!


Breastfeeding has positive physical and mental health implications for both mums and little ones, and helps lay the foundations of a healthy life for babies. Breastmilk is the perfect food for infants and exclusive breastfeeding is recommended until babies are around six months.  Breastmilk has the unique ability to adapt hour-to-hour, day-to-day and week-to-week to your child's needs depending on the stage of growth and development, and even the weather!

We know that although breastfeeding is natural it sometimes doesn't come naturally so it's important that mothers know what to expect and have support from their partners, families and whanau. Successful breastfeeding makes a positive contribution to the health and wider wellbeing of mothers and families/whanau.

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Much of the work done to promote breastfeeding within the region is driven by the Breastfeeding Networks in both Otago and Southland .  The networks consist of a range of providers like Plunket, La Leche League, hospitals, midwives, peer counsellors and consumers like parents that work together to promote, protect and support breastfeeding.

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Free Antenatal Breastfeeding Classes now running in Dunedin

Antenatal Breastfeeding Classes

These FREE classes from the Southern Primary Health Organisation will help parents gain confidence with breastfeeding. They are available to all prospective parents and their supporters, not only first-time parents. They are designed to complement and extend the information provided by antenatal education classes


This flyer has contact details for more information.


Becoming a mother

Becoming a Mother

It will probably be the biggest change of your life. New mothers often say that nobody prepared them for motherhood. It is hard to recognise that our mothers prepared us by their example, and we have learned by absorption. Recent years have brought changes in thinking and actions.


This booklet is a guide for today’s new mothers to help us all understand our baby’s needs and be the mother our baby wants.


 Baby and Breastfeeding Friendly Venues in Otago & Southland


BURP (Breastfeeding’s Ultimate Refuel Place) is a website and a mobile phone app / website directing mums to breastfeeding friendly venues such as cafes, libraries, museums, retail stores to name a few in Southland, Otago and Central Otago.  You can be assured when going to one of the 250 venues listed (and growing) that staff are supportive of breastfeeding!  There is also an opportunity to provide feedback on your breastfeeding experience. 

A breastfeeding sticker indicates that a venue is baby and breastfeeding friendly.


Check BURP out at