Police Vetting Form

Police Vetting Form
Police Vetting Service Request and Consent Form

Please note, that if you are offered a position with us a delay in the Southern DHB being able to process your Police Check could result in your start date being delayed.  Please therefore print out the Police Vetting Form (NB/ Only print off pages 4 - 6 if you have been a resident of Australia, and compete accordingly)  and ensure you fully complete the following:

  1. Section 2 and 3 (page 2 and 3) only complete, (signed and dated)
  2. TWO forms of ID (one of these must be a photo ID) see below the acceptable identification for the check to be processed      


Download the Police vetting form

Link to Police Vetting form/information on filling out the form:

Forms | New Zealand Police


Please remember to bring this completed form and the appropriate identification to your interview.


Please bring originals and photocopies to the interview of two forms of the following identification. at least one from Primary identity and one from Secondary (unless you have two primary forms of ID).

Primary Identity documents

The Following documents are acceptable as the Primary Identity documents

  • New Zealand passport
  • An expired passport can be accepted if expired in the previous 2 years)
  • Overseas passport (can be NZ immigration or permit issued
  • New Zealand Emergency travel document
  • Overseas passport (can be NZ immigration or permit issued
  • New Zealand Emergency travel document
  • New Zealand refugee travel document
  • New Zealand certificate of identity (issued either under passports Act 1992 (non-New Zealand citizens who cannot obtain a passport from their country of origin, or Immigration Act 1987 to people with refugee status)
  • New Zealand firearms licence
  • New Zealand full birth certificate that is issued on or after 1 January 1998 and that carries a unique identification number
  • New Zealand citizenship certificate

Secondary Identity document

The following document are acceptable to use as a Secondary Identity document, in conjunction with a document from the primary category if you cannot provide two primary documents.

  • New Zealand Drivers licence
  • 18 + card
  • Community services card
  • New Zealand student photo identification card
  • New Zealand employee photo identification card
  • New Zealand electoral roll record
  • Inland Revenue number
  • New Zealand issued utility bill, issued o less than 6 months earlier
  • SuperGold card
  • Veteran SuperGold Card

Supporting Name change documents

If you have changed your name at any stage you also need to provide the following documentation to support your above documentation relating to the name change(s).

  • New Zealand birth certificate (issued for the purpose)
  • Change of name by statutory declaration
  • Change of name by deed poll
  • New Zealand name change certificate
  • New Zealand marriage certificate
  • New Zealand civil union certificate
  • New Zealand order dissolving marriage certificate or civil union
  • New Zealand order declaring marriage or civil union void