Recreational Water

Recreational Water

Water quality for both marine and freshwater sites is monitored weekly during the bathing season. (December - March). Southland sites are also graded to give an indication of general health risk.

Monitoring results are disseminated via Environment Southland, Otago Regional Council and the Dunedin City Council. Where contamination is identified, a health warning is issued and in some instances, signage is displayed at that site.

After heavy rainfall people should avoid swimming for up to 48 hours (two days). Seek medical advice if illness symptoms arise after recreational water contact. Contact Public Health South or your GP.

If you are concerned about contaminated water, please contact Otago Regional Council or Environment Southland.

Otago Regional Council:  

Pollution Hotline 0800 800 033

Environment Southland:        

Ph: 03 211 5115