Review of Waitaki District Health Services

The report of the joint review Waitaki District Health Services undertaken by Southern DHB (SDHB) and Waikati District Health Services Ltd (WDHS) to explore how best to provide sustainable health services for the Waitaki community is now available here


All recommendations from the joint report have been endorsed by both the WDHS Board and SDHB Commissioners, and are summarised below:


  • Community based services: Establish a community clinical care hub as a local single point of entry with the aim of keeping people well and safe at home  
  • Coordinated urgent care: Implement a streamlined first response system to ensure people get the right care in the right place when they have urgent health needs  
  • Improved post-hospital discharge: Improve processes for post-hospital discharge to reduce delays, avoid patient readmission and support return home
  • Services closer to home: Increase specialist outpatient services provided locally to ensure access to care is as close to home as possible and people only travel when they need to (this involves exploring the greater use of telemedicine and specialist nursing) 
  • System communication and coordination: Improve systems for communication and coordination to provide patient centred care through better use of technology and enhancing relationships within the healthcare provider community 
  • Workforce enhancement: Develop and maintain a workforce that will meet the needs of future service delivery
  • Measures of Success: Adopt measures in the implementation phase to monitor the success of the implementation
  • Implementation process. Establish a working group to oversee implementation of the report’s recommendations


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